Sample essay questions for paper 2

Big Data

– Is it ethical to use ‘big data’ in research?

·     – Evaluate the strategy proposed by Payne and Trumbach with regard to data mining and consumers’ information.


Gender and the Internet

·     – How can a feminist ethics guide our understanding of cyberethics?

·     – Does gender matter in computer ethics?  Evaluate the argument made by Adam and Ofori-Amanfo.


Disability and Access

·    – Evaluate the guidelines proposed by Perry et. al. regarding the provision of equal access to information via computer technology for persons with disabilities.

·    – Discuss the disability divide and digital inequality.  What are the possible barriers for some people with disabilities, and how ought they be addressed?


Virtual Agents

·     – Do robots have agency and, if so, to what extent?

·     – How can Coleman’s virtue ethic, specifically android arete, guide our understanding of computational agents?


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